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Want More Clients?


Unity Copywriting can help you find prospects on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is widely recognized as the best resource in the world for meeting other business people.

Connect and engage with 15 to 30 new prospective clients a day. We do the heavy lifting and show you how to convert conversations to new business! Check out the Smart Money Network Business Accelerator Program (BAP).



All these new Prospects! How will they Become Clients?


The BAP program starts a brief conversation with each new connection to begin building a relationship. In order to realize new business from the connection you’ll need to continue to engage with the new prospect, get him or her on the phone, and sell him or her a service.

Unity Copywriting can help with this. Click here to schedule a call so we can discuss how to get on with that.


Benefit From my Experience


With 45+ years of leadership experience, including several years as a business coach myself, I’m familiar with the issues you work with.

Having improved teamwork and productivity for several employers, and recently operated a coaching/consulting business to help others reach their goals, I’m uniquely qualified to write the messages you need to keep your prospects interested.

See my About page for more details on my experience. And you don’t have to take my word for it – check out others’ comments here.

Call me at 814-590-3854, Skype direct 603-835-3215, email John@unitycopyriting.com, or Skype johnbstevens1943. There’s never a charge or obligation for our conversation to decide if we should work together.