Feeling a Little Down? Try This!

Are you having a day when things just seem to go badly? How can you make it better? Or maybe things aren’t really going badly, but you can’t find any enthusiasm. Blah! Mary Lynn Ziemer has some simple advice for those days: Smile! Have trouble forming a smile in the face of the trials and difficulties of […]

13 Year Old Sings and Dances like a Seasoned Pro!

La Estancia de Cafayate is the beautiful community where I live in Argentina. We have many property owners who live elsewhere in the world. Twice a year we entertain each other in a group of a few dozen of those owners.   It’s happening this week, with lots of festivities and social engagement. Great fun renewing old friendships […]

When You Have a Frog to Eat, Do it First!

Here’s a podcast by Jim Riviello, making the distinction between busy and productive. You can be very busy and find yourself out of time at the end of the day.  No time left for the big things you really needed to do! Brian Tracy is one of my favorite self-improvement gurus. A few years ago, he made a live […]

How Does Your Team Leader (Is it You?) Show Up?

Here’s a scenario for you:  You’re responsible for accomplishing a task or project. Or perhaps for the performance of a continuing function in your company. You’ve gathered a group of people with the right abilities to accomplish the work. What’s the most important factor in the performance of such a team? Of course their abilities are […]