13 Year Old Sings and Dances like a Seasoned Pro!

La Estancia de Cafayate is the beautiful community where I live in Argentina. We have many property owners who live elsewhere in the world. Twice a year we entertain each other in a group of a few dozen of those owners.  

It’s happening this week, with lots of festivities and social engagement. Great fun renewing old friendships and meeting new friends. 

This all leaves me a little tight for time this week, so I’m sharing an inspiring story with you. Eric Lofholm attached these story videos to his podcast last week. I shared some of Eric’s material with you two issues ago.

So here are the videos:

wonderful 5-minute video of a very shy 13 year old amateur girl singing and dancing like a pro. 

A second video (about 7 minutes) showing several people’s reactions to her performance.

Enjoy them!