La Estancia de Cafayate is the beautiful community where I live in Argentina. We have many property owners who live elsewhere in the world. Twice a year we entertain each other in a group of a few dozen of those owners.  

It’s happening this week, with lots of festivities and social engagement. Great fun renewing old friendships and meeting new friends. 

This all leaves me a little tight for time this week, so I’m sharing an inspiring story with you. Eric Lofholm attached these story videos to his podcast last week. I shared some of Eric’s material with you two issues ago.

So here are the videos:

wonderful 5-minute video of a very shy 13 year old amateur girl singing and dancing like a pro. 

A second video (about 7 minutes) showing several people’s reactions to her performance.

Enjoy them!

2 Responses

  1. This story reminds us not to view individuals based on their appearance or the softness of tone. One’s perception can not determine the capacity of their skills to perform to great measures.

    Everyone deserves the chance to shine to great heights when they great the strength to push themselves to show up despite what you may think of them.

    Wanting others to believe in you is hard but believing in yourself is even harder.

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Dellresa,

      All of that is so true. I’ve heard many stories of sales people who see someone walk into an auto showroom or other sales venue in ragged overalls and treat them with disdain. Someone else pays attention to them and they wind up buying a big-ticket item for cash. Opportunity is everywhere, even when it doesn’t look like it!

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