Feeling a Little Down? Try This!

Are you having a day when things just seem to go badly? How can you make it better?

Or maybe things aren’t really going badly, but you can’t find any enthusiasm. Blah!

Mary Lynn Ziemer has some simple advice for those days: Smile!

Have trouble forming a smile in the face of the trials and difficulties of the day? A great suggestion is to disengage for a few minutes and take a walk. Notice a flower, a nicely shaped shade tree, a clean counter, a picture of a loved one – anything that gives you pleasure. Think of people who make you happy. Think of events and objects that make you happy.

Science tells us the physical act of smiling elevates our mood. Even if you have to force you lips into the form of a smile with your fingers, it helps you feel better. In her article Mary Lynn reports on research subjects who held a pencil between their teeth to form a smile. That works too! They feel better.

Another way to cause a smile is to think of something someone did that you appreciate. Send them a quick message, or just feel the gratitude. We’re all connected! Your feeling gratitude for someone has a positive effect on them, even if you don’t send them anything.

Check out Mary Lynn’s article and, if you’re so inclined, browse her other writing. She has many positive messages. Reading a few of those can really elevate your mood and bring a smile to your face.