Why Would You Stop Selling a Lucrative Product?

As I contemplated the strong response last week’s issue generated, I explored more of Simon Sinek‘s work. Here’s a story of CVS, the big pharmacy company, eliminating tobacco sales. The hit to revenue would be $4 billion per year. A smart move? The financial pundits didn’t think so. They look at monthly or quarterly numbers as finite […]

“What” Drives Us to Buy Something?

Simon Sinek is an author, visionary thinker and “unshakable optimist”.  My search for high performance teams and people brought me to this  wonderful TED Talk. Sinek explores what makes people or companies stand out among their peers. The talk is 18 minutes long, longer than I like to send you to.  It’s entertaining. It’s inspiring and unique in […]

How to Advance in Business?

You’ve likely heard the advice from a coach or a self-improvement gal or guy.  Emulate the position you aspire to. Dress for two levels above your current position! Rub elbows with people at that level! Strive to act and sound like you’re there! All well and good – up to a point. Following that advice […]

How Will You, or Your Prospect, Choose a Coach?

Dennis Hooper  understands employees, relationships and how people work together. In large organizations, and in small ones. His experience includes 30 years in large company HR management and 5 years with his own small business. All that has prepared him for 10 years (so far) of leadership coaching. And he has several certifications to back that […]

Like to Talk? Like for People to Listen to You?

Relationships are fundamental to life. In fact, they define your life. Solid relationships depend on real conversations. Two (or more) people, preferably face to face. Or at least in a live exchange by telephone, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, or whatever real-time tool you prefer.  Text or email messages are  data exchanges,  not conversations.  A conversation means real persons exchanging ideas in real time. One person speaks, the […]