Performance Reviews? Nah!

Who likes performance reviews? I’d venture to say performance review time is stressful for pretty much everyone, reviewer and reviewee alike. Since it’s been generally accepted that these reviews are key to performance measurement and improvement, we’ve done them. Most of the time we haven’t thought a lot about alternatives. Here’s a lady with a […]

You Become What You Think About!

So often I encounter someone’s opinion that they are the way they are permanently. That’s a pretty prevalent idea among people. I’m not good at math I can’t work with technology I’m not good at selling Networking with other people scares me. These are all examples of “mindsets” that people think are fixed. Changing these […]

Think, and Grow Rich!

According to Napoleon Hill, he met Andrew Carnegie in 1908. Hill relates that he went to work for Carnegie, who gave him an unusual assignment. He was to research and report on the work of the most prominent business men of the time. The idea, of course, was to create a guide for doing business […]

Think Business is Cut-Throat?

Do you believe in angels? How would you like to employ “better angels” in your business? Over the weekend, I read Win with Decency, a short book by Douglass and Lisa-Marie Hatcher. Their premise is that you do business best by positive treatment of every individual and organization the business comes in contact with. This would include: […]

Are You Hiring Remote Workers?

Based on an article originally published June 15, 2020. These days many employers are searching for candidates to work remotely. How confident do you feel about hiring people to work from home? Many considerations for any hiring apply for remote workers. However, some qualities stand out for special attention here. Minda Zetlin has some suggestions for picking […]

Simply Speaking Opens Up a Path

JP Morgan, from Santa Monica, CA: “Hawaii, here we come”. Some months ago, in one of Eric Lofholm’s daily 15 minute podcasts, I was introduced to JP Morgan. JP has a unique approach to people and relationships in life and business. Here, he shares his wife’s comment, and how it’s snowballing into a big move. As I’ve […]

Anti-CEO Playbook Challenges 3 Business “Rules”

Based on an article originally published July 24, 2019 We’ve all heard stories of impoverished immigrants who came to the U. S. and prospered through hard work and perseverance.   Sometimes unique business ideas have been part of the recipe as well. Here’s an example of that.  Jessica Stillman relates a great story of a Turkish sheep […]