Based on an article originally published June 15, 2020.

These days many employers are searching for candidates to work remotely.

How confident do you feel about hiring people to work from home? Many considerations for any hiring apply for remote workers. However, some qualities stand out for special attention here. Minda Zetlin has some suggestions for picking the best candidates for a “work from home” role.

She makes a very important distinction. It’s easy to confuse a “people-pleaser” with an optimist.

Of course, you want to avoid pessimists as remote workers. Probably for all workers. You need people with a positive attitude and the ability to “self-start”.Especially so when they must work with little direct supervision.

Be thorough in probing someone who sounds positive and gives you answers that you like to your questions. Such a person might be very intuitive about what you like to hear, so they give you the “right” answers. Does he or she indeed have a positive attitude? You need to dig a little deeper. Minda suggests some clues as to the things you’ll hear from a true optimist. And some things a people-pleaser might say that can tip you off.

When you’re searching for remote workers, I hope you find Minda’s suggestions helpful. You want an optimist. A people-pleaser might go off in a wrong direction without your realizing it.

Stay focused. Stay informed, but skip the “hype”. Be healthy. Be of good cheer.

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