Simply Speaking Opens Up a Path

JP Morgan, from Santa Monica, CA: “Hawaii, here we come”.

Some months ago, in one of Eric Lofholm’s daily 15 minute podcasts, I was introduced to JP Morgan. JP has a unique approach to people and relationships in life and business. Here, he shares his wife’s comment, and how it’s snowballing into a big move.

As I’ve gotten to know JP I’ve found him to have clearer mindset ideas than almost anyone I know. I’ve offered some of them before.

In the short talk I’m pointing you to today, JP starts off discussing metaphors. How they can have huge impacts in our lives. How they can transform our reality. How they can drive action.

Recently, JP and his wife had some discussion about their life plans. She mentioned that living in Hawaii was a dream of hers. They discussed the idea between them. Then they began mentioning it to friends and associates.

Soon they began to hear from people who knew others in Hawaii, or had other connections there. Their speaking, leading to the reaction of others, was opening up a clear path to Hawaii. The path seems to unfold from their destination to their feet. Their speaking seems to, in effect, throw out a line with a hook, The hook catches in the future, and things begin to align. A path becomes clearer…and then cleare
Throw another line…the links become stronger. The path becomes clearer. The pull intensifies. Much of this happens just as the result of the ideas we speak.

Listen to JP’s 4-minute description of this process and how it might work for you.