Performance Reviews? Nah!

Who likes performance reviews?

I’d venture to say performance review time is stressful for pretty much everyone, reviewer and reviewee alike. Since it’s been generally accepted that these reviews are key to performance measurement and improvement, we’ve done them. Most of the time we haven’t thought a lot about alternatives.

Here’s a lady with a different idea. Ditch performance reviews and conduct monthly “check-ins”. In these check-ins she and her managers ask 3 questions. I’ll let Jessica Rovello, co-founder of Arkadium, explain what those questions are in this 64-second video.

They’re pretty effective questions, and Jessica reports that performance improves as a result of asking them.

After all, performance measurement should improve performance – right? I’m pretty sure morale improves as well, and that’s always a good thing.

Arkadium is a privately held company, so no financial results are available. Reviewing their website, I see that Jessica and her husband are very dedicated to their team. The company appears to be flourishing and continuing to attract rave reviews. Their methods seem to be bearing fruit.

Enjoy Jessica’s quick look at Arkadium’s alternative to performance reviews.