Sleep Well = Perform Well

In recent years, we’ve heard a lot about sleep as an important factor in our performance. Until I saw the article I refer to here, everything I’ve seen related to quantity and quality of sleep.

Several years ago, as Chief Pilot for a small air freight company. I was often called upon to substitute for a pilot who was unavailable for his or her scheduled flight. This could mean anything from an all-night run to a mid-morning flight. Naturally, my sleep schedule varied greatly.

Comparing that time to now, I’m quite sure my mood is more settled now when I sleep on a very consistent schedule.

Here’s Inc. magazine’s Bill Murphy Jr. discussing a study which indicates that consistency of sleep schedule is important to effective rest. To the surprise of many, this study says you can’t “make up” for missing sleep with more sleep hours! I guess you could say, “Lost sleep is never found!”

For anyone who works “Swing shifts” – a different shift every week – it may be impossible to avoid this. That’s not as common now in the information age as it was a few years ago. If you’re one of the few so affected, you might want to encourage your employer to reconsider that policy.

I haven’t done a lot of research on this thought. It seems to me this issue is likely a root cause of the phenomenon known as “jet lag”. If you’ve traveled across multiple time zones you’re no doubt familiar with that. For many, it results in serious disorientation for up to a week after arriving in a new time zone.

So if you’re used to sleeping at different hours on different days, you may want to consider sleeping more regularly.

Success And The Impostor Syndrome

Recently I’ve been employing the services of a virtual assistant named Jeff Lucas. He’s employed by Smart VA’s, a service founded by Kristy Yoder. Kristy regularly publishes a video presentation on YouTube about some business idea.

Success And The Impostor Syndrome

The one I just received discussed the “Impostor Syndrome”, the sense that you’ve achieved more than you somehow deserve. This feeling is more common than you might think!

Drawing from the work of Dr.Valerie Young, Kristy identifies five types of people who entertain feelings of being unqualified for the position they hold or the success they enjoy.

If you feel that you’ve “lucked into” your success or accomplishments, see if you match one of these types of people.

The encouraging news is that you can overcome these feelings if you have them. Each of these types of “impostors” can utilize a specific mindset change to make this happen.

Do you or someone you know have thoughts of having achieved more than you deserve? Check out this 11-minute exploration of the Impostor Syndrome and its antidotes.

What We Know vs. What We Don’t Know

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you coach entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurs often succeed by identifying a hidden need in a marketplace that no one else has seen. Then they address that need with a unique solution.

Here’s something that may surprise many entrepreneurs and those who observe them. There are many quirks of human nature that are just as hidden from these guys as from the average “man in the street”.

When you’ve addressed a unique need with a unique solution, you may find it easy to believe you have all the answers.

The more you know, the more you don't know

In this Inc. magazine article, Lindsay Blakely describes the work of Adam Grant. (Here’s a link to his book, Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know.)

Have you, or has someone you know or work with, gotten caught up in the “Founder Syndrome”? Believing that entrepreneurial success has made you or them capable of addressing every ill in the world? According to Grant, it happens often! Especially those who’ve succeeded for the first time.

Here’s the thing – of course, It’s important to know what you know – especially if that drives your business! It can be just as important – sometimes more important – to know what you don’t know.

That opens the door for new knowledge. The more we know, the more we should seek to know!

The Healing Technique You Need!

To kick off this special issue, I thank every one of you for reading the words I write here. Read this issue and click through to the resources I offer here. You will learn about a healing technique stronger than almost any chemical, or even natural, medicine.

Minda Zetlin, an Inc. magazine contributor we’ve heard from several times, recently posted this. Strong words from a lady I hold in high regard.

The Healing Technique You Need!

The technique she mentions costs nothing and is available to anyone. Even more powerful, though, is this TEDx talk by Tameet Sethi, whom Minda mentions in her article.

Sethi is a doctor trained in integrative medicine and a caring mother. You may not – most of us don’t – know much about integrative medicine. You don’t need to. It doesn’t matter.

What matters is her powerful story from a mother who of course loves her young son deeply. She created something beautiful from one of the most painful experiences a parent can endure. Her description of this heart-wrenching experience may mean more to your health than any medicine ever prescribed for you. (The first 10 minutes of her 17-minute talk are important preamble. Her actual description of her life-changing experience starts at 10:15. If you skip straight to her story and listen to it, you may be motivated to go back and review the whole talk.)

I sincerely hope you’ll click on either of the links in the article. It can change your life. The gratitude concept has already made a big difference for me. This takes my appreciation of the technique deeper than it’s ever been.