Who Helps You Achieve Your Goals?

You may remember my coach and mentor Ben Hardy from a recent issue. In case you didn’t see that issue or don’t remember Ben, I’ll repeat my introduction to him: Benjamin Hardy holds a Ph.D. in organizational psychology. He’s also the author of Personality Isn’t Permanent and several other books exploring personality change. He knows what he’s talking about! […]

Maintaining Mental Health In The Face Of Challenges

As the quarantine, however severe it currently is for you, wears on, your mindset can turn negative. This is hardly a healthy or effective way to face issues in your life and business. So once again, I’m offering some suggestions to help you keep a positive outlook in the face of challenges. Joely Simon, an Inc. magazine […]

New Perspective = New Reality!

This week, we return to our common theme of directly addressing leadership. What is it? How, specifically, does one accomplish effective leadership? Sam Shriver is the Executive Vice President at The Center for Leadership Studies. In a recent LinkedIn Live episode, he interviewed Daryl Davis, an accomplished pianist and civil rights activist extraordinaire. Davis has accomplished […]

Your Past Has The Meaning You Give it!

Have you considered the meaning you’ve given your story of the past? Your past has the meaning you give it. It’s just a story. Tell it the way you want it to be! Now that you’ve done that, consider this – there’s also a story attached to your future. That’s where you can get really creative! The […]

Serena Williams Wins Often!

Do you follow professional tennis? Even if you see an occasional item in the news about it, you know that Serena Williams wins often. This is a sport from which many top-notch players retire by the age of 35, or even 30. What gives her the edge and the drive to continue winning as she […]