Gratitude and Acquaintances

This week I depart from my usual theme of what you can do to improve your business and/or life. That said, this is somewhat related, as we often talk here about the value of gratitude. The story I’m about to relate is to celebrate my gratitude for a chance meeting with new and very interesting […]

Achieve More By Doing Less!

Many people believe they can be more productive by striving to do more. Most people will achieve more by doing less rather than by doing more. The key is to do more of what’s important by doing fewer things. Most of the many things on a typical day’s to-do list mean very little in the […]

Are You “Backable”?

Have you started a business? Applied for a job? Do you plan any of these? Have you struggled to find the financial backing you needed to get the business “kicked off?” Many, if not most, entrepreneurs have stumbled on this block. Alex Sanfilippo, (Creating a Brand podcasts), recently interviewed Suneel Gupta, who talks about his recently […]

Be Authentic!

Each week, unless I stumble a great idea (I often do!), I search for meaningful content to be the basis of the week’s article. This week I came across several essays related to authenticity. I decided to build on that theme, without pointing to one particular article. The concept is: Are you, or someone you’ve […]