What’s the Best Investment You Can Make?

Want to have a better life? Who doesn’t? Maybe a masochist, but most of us strive to improve our lives. I hope you’re among those who do. The pastimes that occupy many people’s leisure time, and probably some of their ideally productive time, produce nothing more than momentary highs or, when the communication is negative, […]

Do Less To Accomplish More!

Want to improve your self-esteem? What better way to do that than to feel productive? When you feel like you’re accomplishing something valuable, you feel worthy. When you feel worthy, you’re inspired to create more worth. A true sense of self-worth comes from how valuable you feel. Not what someone else thinks of you. Not […]

Vulnerability = The Greatest Courage!

Long-time followers of my writing know that I consider relationships the key to life. The next question is “What’s the key to relationships?” Author Brené Brown recently added to her string of books on vulnerability with the book we focus on today. Read on for the link to the book, and see how solid relationships […]

What Do You Do When Someone “Dumps” On You?

How do you react when someone cuts you off on the highway or gives you the time-honored “single-finger salute”? You have no control over what that person does or thinks. What you can control is how you react. David Polly got a great lesson on this from, of all people, a New York City taxi […]

Ways to Stop Procrastinating!

We all know our best work is done in a flow state. For some, like writer Tim Drenning, It can be a slow process getting into flow.  Probably that reluctance to start is quite common. I find it myself sometimes, though I’ve gotten better at starting. How about you? If you catch yourself “fiddling” with […]