Should You Tell People About Your Goals?

This week we again visit Dr. Benjamin Hardy, discussing how to make your goals more compelling for you.

Tell people about them! Not to encourage their comments, but to inspire you to strive harder to achieve them.

In keeping with his advice, mine are listed in this article.

Should You Tell People About Your Goals?

Benjamin Hardy holds a Ph.D. in organizational psychology. He’s also the author of Personality Isn’t Permanent and several other books exploring personality evolution. He knows what he’s talking about!

Ben makes a strong case for advertising your goals to your network for your own encouragement. It’ll make their pursuit more compelling for you, since it’s human nature to want our actions to align with our words. 

Always remember that others’ opinions of your goals are unimportant to you. That is, unless they come from a coach whose help you’re seeking.

Recently, as I’ve become a little more forthcoming with my goals, I’ve shared some of them with people close to me. 

After listening to Ben Hardy’s exhortation, I believe sharing my goals with all of you could be life-changing for me. I beg your indulgence while I devote this issue to my own self-improvement.

Here are my goals. I read them aloud every night before I go to bed, and rewrite first thing every morning. (Actually, the fourth thing, after a cold shower, 20 oz. water for dehydration, and some wake-up stretches.) The point is I do this before starting the day’s business activities. 

You may find this list interesting, or not. Perhaps the list can offer you a useful pattern, if you haven’t been habitually listing your goals.

My guiding mission: 

To contribute positively to every transaction and relationship I participate in. 

My keystone goal (the one that enables most of the others): 

I earn/receive $20,000/+/month and, by the end of 2021, I accumulate 100 oz. gold/+, with ease. In my life, I accumulate net worth of $5MM/+ w/ease.

In addition, by the end of 2021:

  1. I establish a positive, loving relationship with my daughter Tara, with ease.
  2. I pay off CC debt, with ease.
  3. I write regularly for 3/+ clients, with ease.
  4. I weigh 190#/-, with ease.
  5. I play golf to a  handicap of 15/-, with ease.
  6. I support the LEC* HOA Board in reducing dues to $150/-/month, with ease.
  7. I entertain 1/+ groups of family and friends in LEC*, with ease.

LEC*: La Estancia de Cafayate. The lovely community in northwest Argentina where I make my home.

My 3-year vivid vision:

I’m debt-free!

I live comfortably in my own home, where I easily entertain my family and friends, including my visitors who come to check out my delightful life in Argentina.

When the mood strikes, I explore the local area in my truck. When I want to travel further, I fly to the destination I choose, often with family and friends.

My writing is more enjoyable than ever, since I’m fulfilling the needs of my clients and partners, who pay me well.

I invest a portion of my wealth in assets which offer me security against a financial collapse, additional income, and value to pass along to my heirs.

It’s my hope that this message inspires you to be more intentional about your goal setting and achievement efforts.

Note: Archived issues of The Unity Community are available here. You can search that page for keywords representing your particular interest. Most of the articles offer suggestions for ways of improving business and personal relationships. Keep in mind that business is done by…people. Every business concern is essentially an inter-personal concern. 

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