What is Business Coaching? The Definitive Guide

How Will A Coach Help Your Business?

Coaching in sports is visible. You can see how a coach helps a golfer or a basketball team get to the top of their game. What is coaching in business? That seems a little different, doesn’t it?

Continue reading to learn how the coaching concept applies in business!


What is Business Coaching?

A business coach, like a sports coach, is your trusted partner. A coach sees things you can’t see. When a golfer is consistently pulling the ball left of the target, he or she may not understand what they’re doing to make that happen. The coach can see the little change in grip or backswing that’s causing the ball to go left. The golfer can’t see it until the coach points it out.

If you’re continually losing sales at the 11th hour, or you have trouble communicating with a member of your team, you may not see what the issue is. Your coach, looking from the outside, can analyze what you’re doing and help you with a solution.

What Does a Business Coach Do?

What is business coaching?

Analyzing what you are doing is what business coaching is about. Except for that, a business coach doesn’t really do anything, 

The coach then helps you see how to do what you do more effectively. One of a coach’s key skills is to present this new idea to you in a way that is not threatening to you, The new idea may well challenge your usual way of being and you must be receptive to that.

We’re creatures of habit. We do things in patterns. Helping you break a pattern that’s not serving you well is what your coach is there to do.

The coach’s only “doing” is to help you do better.

Why Do You Need Business Coaching?

You need a business coach to help you see what you’re blind to.

How many times have you driven to your office, and can’t remember anything you saw along the way? Or been on a highway listening to an audiobook, or deep in thought about an issue in your life, and missed an exit you needed to take?

These are examples of things you can’t, or don’t, see, Your coach may not help you be more observant when you drive to work. Business coaching is what will help you break the pattern of how you conduct a sales conversation or communicate with that team member.


Types of Business Coaches

Business coaches usually have a specialty they are especially skilled and observant about. 

There are:

  • Sales coaches.
  • Team-building coaches.
  • Marketing coaches.
  • Communication coaches.
  • Social media coaches – sometimes specialized.in LinkedIn, Facebook or another platform.
  • Public speaking coaches.
  • Coaches for specific software applications, such as Zoom or Constant Contact.
  • Financial analysis coaches.
  • Etc., etc.

You get the idea. Business coaching is what you decide it should be! You can find a coach to help you with literally any specialized area of business.

Difference Between a Business Coach and a Consultant

Business coaching is what helps you do something, or do it better.

Business consulting is doing something for you. Perhaps the consultant leads your sales team. Or they manage a big construction project.

A coach works to help you or your business perform well. A consultant works in your business to perform a task.

Who needs a coach? Everyone needs a coach if they want to excel at what they do. 

Have you ever seen a champion in any sport without a coach? You never will!  They’ll likely have several coaches for different specific skills.

You’ll never see an industry-leading business or business leader without a coach, either! They also will likely have several coaches.