JBS photo - 10-14Business Copywriting

Business copywriting is both art and science that helps you make an emotional connection with your target audience. Are you engaging the right people at the right time with the right message? Do your prospects see that you understand their problems and that you have solutions? Why should they choose to work with you? Does your sales or marketing copy help you connect emotionally with your prospects?

When a new prospect learns about you, what’s going on in their mind while they “kick this around”?

“Am I ready to bare my soul to a coach?”

“Can a coach really help me?”

“Can I afford to hire a coach?”

Answer these questions first, by choosing your target audience carefully. Then tell a compelling story that demonstrates your understanding of their most critical challenges. When you create value by sharing critical insights into issues of importance to them, you build trust.

Here are some questions your advertising copywriting should answer:

Do you know what are the most important emotions your prospect must feel before they will seriously consider hiring you? Until they feel that they know you, like you, and can trust you, you’ll be unable to gain any traction with them.

Providing something of value to your prospects can help move them to know, like and trust you. What will they see as most valuable? Your copywriting should provide that for them.

If your copywriting focuses on the emotional pain of your prospect and the solutions for them, this helps them get to know, like and trust you. Your solution to your prospects’ pain can be conveyed through business copywriting.

Happy prospecting!