Successful Networking

Many business people have confided that they often feel uncomfortable starting a conversation, especially with a stranger, at networking events. Strangers are, of course, the most important people to talk with at these gatherings. That’s the whole point, right? – to meet new people and establish new…Read More

Emotional Intelligence

Business leaders who pay attention to their own and their associates’ emotional reactions to things they say and other stimuli in the workplace have…Read More

Customer Service

Great customer service by Duluth Trading Company! Read on to hear the rest of that story. Call me old-fashioned if you like – I believe it’s impossible to have a conversation by electronic data exchange, that is, by email or…Read More

Employee Poaching

In many industries, especially the high-tech industries, employee “poaching” is regarded as an effective way of finding talent. After all, hiring someone who has already demonstrated the skills, ingenuity, and work ethic you are seeking seems to make sense, right? Why take a chance on…Read More

My Move to Argentina

This message marks a significant change in my life and business. On the personal side of things, many of you who have talked with me recently know that, beginning in October this year, my primary residence and office will be in Cafayate, Argentina. For those who haven’t heard me on the subject of the delights…Read […]

Teamwork and Communication

TEAMWORK AND COMMUNICATION – PART 1 This week I’ve been thinking a lot about communication. We form teams to do more than the sum of what the individual members could accomplish if they worked independently. What makes teams (at least some of them) more effective than individuals working independently? The short answer is…relationships among the… […]