The Importance of Teamwork in a Business Organization

Teamwork is the whole point of forming business organizations. Businesses bring together people with different skills and traits.  People working alone are limited in what they can get done. Putting them to work together multiplies their productivity exponentially Read on to learn how we can promote teamwork and what can hamper it. What is Teamwork? […]

What is Delegating a Task and How to do it Effectively?

What is Delegating a Task? Delegating a task is much than instructing someone to do something. In delegating a task, you aim to inspire the best performance your team members have in them. To attract that best performance, you must be an encourager, a teacher, and a coach. Your team members must know they have […]

4 Actionable Tips to Become Successful Entrepreneurs

As independent business people, entrepreneurs work to satisfy the needs and wants of their customers, rather than those of a boss who pays them Their customers are their “bosses”. Some independent business people aren’t entrepreneurs, though. Want to set yourself apart from those who just sell what others are selling? Read on for tips to […]

Why Effective Leadership Starts With Good Communication

No man is an island! This is why good communication is vital in leadership. Business is done through interaction between people. To interact with other people, you must communicate with them in one way or another.  Read on to learn how good communication makes business happen. It would be hard to overstate the importance of […]

What is Business Coaching? The Definitive Guide

How Will A Coach Help Your Business? Coaching in sports is visible. You can see how a coach helps a golfer or a basketball team get to the top of their game. What is coaching in business? That seems a little different, doesn’t it? Continue reading to learn how the coaching concept applies in business! […]

Find New Joy in Relationships!

In this issue, we return to one of my favorite themes… Relationships. Why do I keep doing that? I believe relationships define our lives. There is no more important ingredient in life than joy in relationships. Here are some ideas for improving this important aspect of your life. Sean Kernan describes three key ways of […]

Kids Say The Darndest Things!

Those of you with a few years behind you may remember a show from a little over 20 years ago, hosted by Art Linkletter, titled Kids Say the Darndest Things. And they do.  In a teacher conference, Michael Thompson and his wife received a glowing report on their 6-year-old son Liam. They decided to pay […]

Is That Guy Complaining? What’s Your Reaction?

Suppose you’re the agent on an airline ticket counter.  A flight is delayed. It’ll cause some passengers to miss connections. Get ready! You know you’ll soon be faced with at least a few irate passengers. How to handle them? HINT: Being defensive just to win the argument is probably not the best response! Read on […]

How Do You Start Your Day?

If you follow any self-help advice, you’ve surely found lots of suggestions for morning routines. How you start your day has a huge effect on how you feel for the entire day. And how productive you are.  Ideally for most people, preparation for this morning began last night! Much of what’s been said about morning […]