The Importance of Mindset in Business and Why It Matters

Recently, I’ve been making an in-depth study of mindset and the importance of mindset in business, as well as in life.  Fixed vs. flexible. Set personality vs. becoming a new person in the future. Who will you be in 5 years? Read on to explore this! What is Mindset? Let’s start with Wikipedia’s definition: “Mindset […]

Why You Should Treat Your Customers with Respect

Many people, including many business leaders and even salespeople, seem to find respect unnecessary or unimportant. Some may even consider it unmanly to be overly concerned with respect. When your prospects and customers know, like and trust you, they’re likely to buy from you. Respect is the quickest route I know to being known, liked […]

The Most Common Leadership Mistakes to Avoid

Leadership is about bringing people together in teams to effectively multiply individual efforts by more than the number of team members. 1+1+1+1=6. In the most effective teams, it even can equal 16, or 160. In leaders’ efforts to help their teams produce more, they must avoid some common leadership mistakes. Read on to learn more about those […]

How to Respond Effectively to Customer Complaints

Every business has customers, and customers sometimes complain. Whether their complaints are legitimate or their expectations are unrealistic, responding effectively to them is part of doing good business and building your customer base. Continue reading for tips on how to respond to customer complaints. What are Customer Complaints? Some of the customers who buy whatever […]

Strategies for Building Relationship to Succeed in Business

Anyone who’s followed my musings for very long knows that I consider relationships to be central to a successful, balanced life. The same is true for business. Read on to learn why relationships are important in life and business and how to build effective business and personal relationships. Why Business Relationships Matter You’ve probably heard […]

What is the Importance of Knowing and Understanding Yourself?

What’s the importance of knowing and understanding yourself? This is a profound question!  The short answer is: You must understand yourself at a deep level to relate authentically to others.                                                                  Read on for more distinctions in this concept. Most Important Reasons for Self-Knowledge You simply must know yourself to relate and work effectively with others […]

What Can a Family Business Coach Do for You?

What is a Family Business Coach? Family businesses are unique. You work with the same people you eat with, sleep with, and relate to in your personal life.  How do you conduct a professional relationship in one setting and a familial one in another? It can be a delicate balance.  A family business coach understands […]

What is Business Coaching? The Definitive Guide

How Will A Coach Help Your Business? Coaching in sports is visible. You can see how a coach helps a golfer or a basketball team get to the top of their game. What is coaching in business? That seems a little different, doesn’t it? Continue reading to learn how the coaching concept applies in business! […]

What are the Strengths of Good Leaders?

How Many Strengths of Good Leaders Do You Possess? Leadership is a unique ability to inspire others to participate in a team to accomplish something. The strengths of good leaders are quite distinct from management skills.  Managers optimize things like machines, budgets, assets, etc. People must be treated differently from “things.” Read on to learn […]

Don’t Waste Your Time!

Recently I’ve happily discovered It’s a refreshingly open-minded site where people can post their writing about pretty much anything. You might find some things there that will offend you with vulgarity, “forbidden” topics, “out-there” opinions, or whatever. Nonetheless, I applaud a site where people can post what they choose. I just ran across a good […]