Why You Should Treat Your Customers with Respect

Many people, including many business leaders and even salespeople, seem to find respect unnecessary or unimportant. Some may even consider it unmanly to be overly concerned with respect. When your prospects and customers know, like and trust you, they’re likely to buy from you. Respect is the quickest route I know to being known, liked […]

The Most Common Leadership Mistakes to Avoid

Leadership is about bringing people together in teams to effectively multiply individual efforts by more than the number of team members. 1+1+1+1=6. In the most effective teams, it even can equal 16, or 160. In leaders’ efforts to help their teams produce more, they must avoid some common leadership mistakes. Read on to learn more about those […]

How to Respond Effectively to Customer Complaints

Every business has customers, and customers sometimes complain. Whether their complaints are legitimate or their expectations are unrealistic, responding effectively to them is part of doing good business and building your customer base. Continue reading for tips on how to respond to customer complaints. What are Customer Complaints? Some of the customers who buy whatever […]

Strategies for Building Relationship to Succeed in Business

Anyone who’s followed my musings for very long knows that I consider relationships to be central to a successful, balanced life. The same is true for business. Read on to learn why relationships are important in life and business and how to build effective business and personal relationships. Why Business Relationships Matter You’ve probably heard […]

The Importance of Teamwork in a Business Organization

Teamwork is the whole point of forming business organizations. Businesses bring together people with different skills and traits.  People working alone are limited in what they can get done. Putting them to work together multiplies their productivity exponentially Read on to learn how we can promote teamwork and what can hamper it. What is Teamwork? […]

What is the Importance of Knowing and Understanding Yourself?

What’s the importance of knowing and understanding yourself? This is a profound question!  The short answer is: You must understand yourself at a deep level to relate authentically to others.                                                                  Read on for more distinctions in this concept. Most Important Reasons for Self-Knowledge You simply must know yourself to relate and work effectively with others […]

What is Delegating a Task and How to do it Effectively?

What is Delegating a Task? Delegating a task is much than instructing someone to do something. In delegating a task, you aim to inspire the best performance your team members have in them. To attract that best performance, you must be an encourager, a teacher, and a coach. Your team members must know they have […]

The 4 Types of Leadership You Should Know

What is a Leadership Style?  Your leadership style defines how you relate to the team you lead. We define leadership as getting things done through our interactions with team members. Your leadership style is how you relate to your team members, individually and as a group. The style you exhibit as a leader has an […]

4 Actionable Tips to Become Successful Entrepreneurs

As independent business people, entrepreneurs work to satisfy the needs and wants of their customers, rather than those of a boss who pays them Their customers are their “bosses”. Some independent business people aren’t entrepreneurs, though. Want to set yourself apart from those who just sell what others are selling? Read on for tips to […]

Importance of Leadership in the Business World

How Do You Define Leadership? Leadership consists of the skills that encourage people to want to do the right thing. When they’ve finished doing something right, they and the leader celebrate. Celebrating such a win inspires everyone to do more of the right thing. Something we should clearly understand is that a leader is much […]