What Can a Family Business Coach Do for You?

What is a Family Business Coach? Family businesses are unique. You work with the same people you eat with, sleep with, and relate to in your personal life.  How do you conduct a professional relationship in one setting and a familial one in another? It can be a delicate balance.  A family business coach understands […]

Why Effective Leadership Starts With Good Communication

No man is an island! This is why good communication is vital in leadership. Business is done through interaction between people. To interact with other people, you must communicate with them in one way or another.  Read on to learn how good communication makes business happen. It would be hard to overstate the importance of […]

What is Business Coaching? The Definitive Guide

How Will A Coach Help Your Business? Coaching in sports is visible. You can see how a coach helps a golfer or a basketball team get to the top of their game. What is coaching in business? That seems a little different, doesn’t it? Continue reading to learn how the coaching concept applies in business! […]

What are the Strengths of Good Leaders?

How Many Strengths of Good Leaders Do You Possess? Leadership is a unique ability to inspire others to participate in a team to accomplish something. The strengths of good leaders are quite distinct from management skills.  Managers optimize things like machines, budgets, assets, etc. People must be treated differently from “things.” Read on to learn […]

Technology Builds A Fire Under Teamwork

Technology Helps Teamwork Produce Teamwork can supercharge productivity, when the team has the right tools and technology to work with. Here’s a guy who found the existing tools inadequate. So he built his own, made it adaptable to other businesses, and sells it to them. Good teamwork requires good tools. Be sure to give them […]

Collapse of Christianity?

Religious beliefs and habits are among the things we might have thought were at least firmly rooted in society, if not permanent. Seems the only thing thing that’s permanent is change. Here’s a writer who’s found sound evidence that Christian norms are among the things changing. I should say at the outset that I find […]

Opioid Addiction Leads to Cannabis

Cannabis (marijuana) is becoming a mainstream industry. Entrepreneurs are finding new wrinkles in the business. My grandson is pursuing a career in medical marijuana, so. stories like this fascinate me. Read about the wrinkles Ryan Ansin, Keith Cooper and Jayne Vining are bringing to the marijuana business. Here’s a company that capitalized on space made […]

Making Your Brain Younger!

Think the brain damage from a serious drug addiction is permanent?  Here’s a guy who not only kicked the addiction. He became a neuroscientist. He has some valuable advice for us to help us improve our brain health, as he did. Brian Pennie kicked a heroin addiction and made his brain 10 years younger! From […]

Find New Joy in Relationships!

In this issue, we return to one of my favorite themes… Relationships. Why do I keep doing that? I believe relationships define our lives. There is no more important ingredient in life than joy in relationships. Here are some ideas for improving this important aspect of your life. Sean Kernan describes three key ways of […]