Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire you to do my business copywriting?

My career has been dedicated to helping people work together. So I’ve faced the same problems and issues you do in many business coaching situations. To see this, check my “Experience” page.

What sets you apart from other business writers?

These business problems are all inter-related: 

  • Poor communication, or lack of communication.
  • Low morale – caused by poor communication!
  • Union activity – caused by low morale. It’s never desirable! I’ve dealt with it.
  • Reluctance to cooperate.
  • Protecting one’s “turf” is a major reason for reluctance to cooperate!
  • Protecting one’s turf is also a reason people micro-manage!

I’ve seen these behaviors, and their results. So I can help your clients see why reducing them is a good thing.

I’ll do the in-depth research necessary – so your communication is meaningful to your prospects.

How quickly can you produce the copy I need?

My schedule is very flexible. When we first discuss your project, we’ll cover what you need, by when. I’ll tell you what I can accomplish and how quickly, depending on promises I’ve made to others etc. Once I commit to a schedule I’ll move heaven and earth to meet it!