Who is John Stevens?


What sets me apart from other business copywriters in discussing teamwork?

45 years in the petroleum, aviation, real estate,and coaching industries! My teams and I’ve seen, agonized over, and corrected the kinds of messes you find daily as a coach. Together with the teams I’ve worked with, we’ve improved teamwork, morale, productivity, safety, and profitability. We focused on building teams to bring competent people together to address a common objective.

For several years I was a coach myself, helping small business owners improve the efficiency of their operations. Together we worked to clearly communicate their mission to their employees and clients. Then we encouraged the employees to think about how their work relates to the company’s mission. Just like a good team of horses, when everyone pulls in the same direction, good things happen!

Throughout this career, I’ve written often about my observations and experiences. Much of my writing is here.

Teamwork in Indonesia

VICO Indonesia was a major independent gas and oil exploration and production company in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. I served as V. P., Technical Services there in 1990-91. We reorganized the technical groups into multi-disciplinary teams. These teams designed the exploitation of the company’s gas fields. Enhanced communication among the engineers and geologists resulted in improved efficiency in developing these complex fields.

Later, the Drilling, Production, Pipeline, and Engineering Departments came under my responsibility as Operations Manager. These departments handled the physical operation of these same fields. They included over 600 employees and hundreds of contract personnel.

It was a challenging assignment, to say the least. The experience is perhaps best related in a side story to this phase of my career.

Discovery for me!

Early in this assignment, I realized that my two largest departments were not working well with each other. The Drilling manager was a late-in-career, gruff, tough-talking Texan. The Production manager was a