P3B Radio Interviews

How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile a Magnet for Your Prospects

In July 2020 Marie Mason of Liberty Virtual Solutions interviewed me. Our topic was writing LinkedIn profiles. Most people describe themselves and their qualifications right up front. That will “grab” few people. People want to know how you’ll give them solutions to what keeps them awake at night.That gets their attention! Here’s a link to that 20-minute interview.

I hope you find it interesting and valuable.

My Interview with Donnie Tuttle, The Purpose-Driven Executive

In August, 2019, through connections on LinkedIn, I met Donnie Tuttle, The Purpose Executive. Donnie invited me to be a guest interviewee for his website. Here’s the result!

P3B Radio Interviews

In 2015, I was interviewed each week for 13 weeks by Rich Girard of the Girard at Large! radio show in Manchester, NH.  Here’s an excerpt from Rich’s introduction to the series, followed by links to the recordings of the 13 episodes of the show:

“So, what’s your edge and how can you take advantage of it?  In P3B – That’s Purpose, Productivity and Profit in Business, we’ll identify some of the more unknown, common and costly pitfalls many businesses face, how to identify them and their cause, and how to fix them so energy can be focused on what really matters to all involved:  The Bottom Line! What happens when “employees” become valued members of the team?  How does that happen?  Can I/we “get there from here?”  What will it take?  Really, what are the differences between leadership and management, leaders and managers, and do we need either or both? We’ll cover all this and OOOHHH sooo much more ONLY on Girard at Large!

“About John Stevens: Throughout a career spanning over 40 years John Stevens‘ management style has been one of building teams to bring several competent people together to focus on a common objective.”