Newsletters – Want Your Prospects to Have Top-of-Mind Awareness?

When you engage a new prospect, even if they’re interested in your services, do you think they’ll decide right away to sign up? They need to think about their needs and get to know you before they’ll do that. If they lose sight of you, they’ll call somebody else when they’re ready to move!

A weekly or monthly newsletter is a great way to give prospects a sense of who you are. It keeps you top of mind. It helps build a relationship with people, and demonstrates your value.

To learn more about how a newsletter can create value for your prospects and grow your business, sign up here.

Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a wonderful source of B2B prospects. However you can pore over the membership lists (550 million+ members) for hours trying to find your ideal prospect. Who’s attending to your current clients while you’re doing that?

Our Business Accelerator Program precisely targets the people you want to do business with. Then it invites about 100 of those carefully selected prospects every day to connect with you on LinkedIn. When they connect, they receive a series of messages to build relationships with them, deliver value, and engage them in a lively conversation about their needs.

White Papers

Coaching? What’s that all about? Athletes use coaches – I don’t! Coaching is still a foreign concept to many who are in dire need of it.

White papers describe what you can do for clients, or explain in depth some important part of your business. Unity Copywriting can produce these for you.

Case Studies

When you engage a new prospect, they know only what you tell them about what you can do for them. Think they believe that, just because you say it?

Case studies are engaging, informative stories about what you have done for your clients. A case study might be just the nudge your prospect needs to decide to hire you. Hire Unity Copywriting to write a couple for you. We’ll do all the necessary research, interviewing, etc.

Other Services

Want to stay top-of-mind with your clients and prospects? If you’re not top-of-mind when they need a coach, someone else gets the business!

Unity Copywriting offers many vehicles for you to stay top-of-mind. Blog posts, a ghost-written book, advertising material for a trade show, etc., are all within our repertoire. Let’s discuss your project. Click on “LET’S TALK” in the menu at the top of the page.


I’ll write in your voice. Just tell me what you want to say and give me an idea of the tone you want to use. Then I’ll go to work to create the piece you want.

You won’t pay me a dime until you hire me to write something for you.