Want more Clients? Talk with more Prospects!

With over 500 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is the best source of business prospects in the world. 

Our Business Accelerator Program very precisely targets the people you want to do business with. Then it invites about 100 of those carefully selected prospects a day to connect with you on LinkedIn.

When one connects, he or she receives a short series of messages to engage them in a lively conversation about what you can do for them.

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Will New Prospects Hire You Right Away? Not Likely!

Hiring a coach is often a difficult decision. Psychologically. Financially. Operationally.

While your prospects are wrestling with that decision, it’s important that you stay top-of-mind with them so that, when they finally decide to move, YOU get the call.

A “drip” campaign can ripen the relationship begun with our LinkeIn invitation and welcome messaging that’s part of the Business Accelerator Program.

Delivering an e-newsletter regularly to your clients and prospects is a great way to give them a sense of who you are. It can nurture your relationship with them, and gently nudge them along with the idea of what you can do to help them improve their business.

It can take as many as 12 “touches” with a prospect before they become a client.

Your newsletter is a great way to remind them you’re ready to serve their needs, while not “bugging” them with a barrage of hard sales messages.

If you’d like to see examples of the newsletters I write, check out my blog page.

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Other Ways to “Touch” Your Prospects…

White papers describe what you can do for clients, or explain in depth some important consideration in the subjects of leadership, teamwork, and company performance.

Case studies, which I also love to do, are engaging, informative stories about what you have done for your clients. A case study might be just the nudge your prospect needs to decide to hire you.

As a specialist in all B2B copywriting, I love this type of writing – also blog posts, a ghost-written book, advertising material for a trade show, etc.


I’ll write in your voice. Just tell me what you want to say and give me an idea of the tone you want to use. Then I’ll go to work to create the piece you want.

The first time or two I write for you, we may need to “tweak” the result to get just the message and voice that fits your style.

There’s never an additional charge for up to two rewrites to craft YOUR exact message.

And of course, when you call me to discuss what you might want me to write, that conversation is on me. Please go here to have that conversation.

You won’t pay me a dime until you actually hire me to write something for you.


With 45+ years practicing and studying operations leadership, and for several recent years a coach myself, I understand what’s important to your clients and prospects, and how to communicate the benefits of your services.


Call me at 814-590-3854, email John@unitycopyriting.com, or Skype johnbstevens1943. There’s never a charge or obligation for our conversation to decide if we should work together.