What Others Say

What Others Say

John Stevens came into my office one day and started coaching me with a very soft tone. He asked a lot of questions but most of all he listen (sic) to what I explained about my team and where we wanted to be.

John took the time to meet with me every week and worked with all of my 20 employees. John met with each of them to find out there (sic) strengths and where they may need some adjustments. John kept the words they spoke to him confidential as he promised he would.

John opened a dialog with my team and we started having real conversations with one another. John got them to open up to me and let me know what we could make for changes that would be good for the company.

The best thing is John was patient, kind and thoughtful when moving through my organization. He never got anyone upset or angry. He was his word and coached me on items to improve on. He never singled out anyone on my team and I liked that.

It has been just about a year since he has helped coach my business and I have seen real wonderful changes with my men, my organization and most of  all with myself. John put things out there that sometimes you don’t understand right away but in time you start to get it.

I want to thank you John for getting Paradigm to the next level of success. You are one of a kind and I am so happy you helped coach my team. We really appreciate you!


Steve Labbe, President Paradigm Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.

During John Stevens’ tenure as Chief Pilot at Wiggins Airways, we observed a marked improvement in pilot morale, to the extent that a nascent move toward forming a pilot union simply evaporated. In addition, an alarming lack of focus on important safety and customer service issues was reversed, resulting in the pilots moving forward with a much improved focus on these important aspects of their performance.

Captain Stevens’ use of effective team-building skills fostered a very positive attitude among the flight crewmember ranks, and led to better operational performance as well as improved productivity. As a result of these improvements, the pilots became a much more cohesive and effective team than they had been prior to Mr. Stevens appointment as Chief Pilot.

John’s approach was always thoughtful and therefore well suited for each scenario that was presented to him. His ever-flexible demeanor lent itself well the development of appropriate situational responses.

I enjoyed these qualities that John brought to bear and can say that our organization is better from it.


Andrew Day, Sr. Vice President – Operations

Wiggins Airways, Inc.

This is to attest to the organizational skills of Mr. John Stevens.  I first became acquainted with John in 2006 when he was the Assistant Chief Pilot for Wiggins Airways, Inc.   John greatly assisted me in my pilot training on the C-208B, becoming both, my mentor and my friend.  Since that time he was promoted to Chief Pilot and brought his multitude of experience to that position.  Seeing the need for more streamlined Pilot training at Wiggins Airways, John assembled a team comprised of the company Check Airman and myself to develop computerized training materials based on MS Power Point presentations for the training and standardization of flight crew procedures.  With John leading the way the project was a success.  The flight crews are now being trained in the use of standardized cockpit flow procedure that greatly enhances safety by reducing potential pilot errors.    This model follows the time tested procedures in use at regional and major airlines.

John has demonstrated, time and time again, his ability to identify the need for improvement within an organization, determine the best course of action, assemble appropriately qualified teams of personnel and accomplish the tasks at hand to a successful conclusion. 

I consider it an honor to provide this, my testimony on John’s behalf.


Captain Charles Lewis

Wiggins Airways, Inc.

I have known John Stevens for the biggest part of ten years now. During those early years, we worked together as line pilots for Wiggins Airways. From the first day I meet John, I knew he was not the average line pilot. He was always looking for ways to better himself, Wiggins Airways, and the people he worked with. He did this by commending us when thinks were going well, encouraging us when things were not going well, and by being a positive role model through his words and actions.

During those early years, I had the privilege to fly with John for a month to test a new infrared camera system for Wiggins Airways and Federal Express. Our company had the foresight to know that John was the correct choice for the job because he would give them the information they needed to make a decision as to weather they should invest millions of dollars in this equipment.

During the years, Wiggin’s management and his fellow pilots saw John as a leader. When the pilots needed advice, John was the man we turned to. We knew we would always get a straight answer. Sometimes we did not like what we would hear, but John had a way of explaining things so that it made sense. Because of his demeanor and work ethic, John was promoted to assistant chief pilot and later to chief pilot.

While John was in management, he never changed the way he had always done business.

He believed in his people. He encouraged us to become better at what we did, whether it was in our flying, our interaction with our customers, or our interaction between our fellow pilots. He always had time to listen to everyone and he had an answer or he would promptly find an answer. You never had to wait days for his return call or e-mail. He always looked for new and better ways to do things and he encouraged us to do the same.

Working with and for John has always been a pleasure. He has inspired many in our company and given the chance, he will inspire many in your company. I feel certain that whatever task John is given, he will excel at meeting his and your expectations.

I would like to wish John luck in his new endeavor, but I know he does not need luck. Knowing John the way I do, he will make things happen for himself and for you!!!!

Randy Singo, Captain, Wiggins Airways

From 2002 until his retirement from Wiggins Airways in March of 2010 John Stevens and I have worked together in many management roles. I personally observed John in management roles such as Check Airmen, Assistant Chief Pilot, and Chief Pilot. These positions required him to evaluate, critique, and make recommendations to a persons attitude and performance. John has always had a very even-handed approach to these duties. One of his core beliefs is communication. John has a way of talking with people which has enabled him to see the root cause of a problem and inspire people to do better. Another one of John’s tenets that I like is his desire to not point blame. He would much rather find out what the problem is (even if it means pointing out someone’s deficiencies) and work with that person to get them to do better. John is all about finding out what the problem is and making it right by inspiring people to step up and do better. I have worked for and with John Stevens and I would at anytime welcome his advice and insight.


James Sapoznik, Former Chief Pilot, Wiggins Airways.